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The club is open again

In line with the federal and state governments partial easing of the current Covid-19 restrictions, the club will be open to players from Wednesday 13 May.

The committee have agreed to open the courts between 8am and 5pm each day. Gates at the clubhouse and at court 6 will be left open between these hours and players should only use these points to access/exit the courts. Players should provide their own balls and equipment and adopt all the relevant guidelines from Tennis Victoria, which are available at

The clubhouse will remain closed as will the water fountain, whilst the outside toilet is available and hand washing facilities will be provided. Members are asked to maintain personal hygiene by washing their hands before and after play and following the current guidelines.

The grass courts were brushed last week and the hard courts pressure cleaned recently, so the facility is in great condition and ready for play. Nets on alternate courts will be temporarily removed to space out play. Use of the courts/lights at night is still under review.

The committee will reassess the situation in 2 weeks time. We look forward to seeing you back enjoying tennis at the club.

Club championships 2019 results

Women's singles final - Helen 6-0, 6-4

On a warm, windless evening, a good sized crowd watched Helen Kaptein play Demi Kowal for the women's singles title. It was aggressive tennis from the first serve and it looked like a 3-set thriller was inevitable. But many matches, particularly finals, are decided by a few key points. Helen won the first set 6-0 but the flow of play felt more like 3-3.

In the second set Demi adopted the "hit the ball really hard" strategy and winners started to flow, it looked like she might level the match. But Helen has stacks of trophies and flags for a reason. Receiving at 4-4 she hit two winners down the line, got the break and served out the match.

Too good... this time round. Let's hope they meet again next year. We might make them play best of 5, just so we can enjoy the show.

Demi and Helen
Demi Kowal and Helen Kaptein - Women's singles finalists

Men's singles final - Brodie 3-6, 6-1, 6-2

Our top seeds, Brodie Murray and Leigh Campbell, made it to the final without dropping a set. It was a match of contrasting styles - Brodie's athleticism, consistency and counter-punching vs Leigh's shot-making and aggressive net play.

Leigh was best early and won the first set 6-3, but Brodie settled and won the second and third sets 6-1, 6-2. In the end Brodie's patience and fitness out-lasted Leigh's know-how and shot-making. The match went for just under 2 hours.

That's two club champs in a row for Brodie and he's improving each year, so he'll be ready for a third in 2020. Some players have suggested Brodie play in gumboots or carry a few bricks to even things up - worth a thought ☺.

Leigh Campbell and Brodie Murray
Leigh Campbell and Brodie Murray - Men's singles finalists

Doubles final - Linda and Maree 6-4, 6-2

Congratulations to Linda Holden and Maree Sartori for winning the doubles grand final 6-4, 6-2 against Brett Fitzpatrick and Paul Puttifoot.

It was an entertaining match (the crowd was disappointed it didn't go to 3 sets) with plenty of aggressive action on the net, and played in good spirits.

That's yet another trophy for Linda and Marie, they've won almost everything that's on offer.

Linda Holden and Maree Sartori
Linda Holden and Maree Sartori - 2019 doubles champs

Special thanks to President Sam Beckett who organised and ran the club champs and umpired the men's final. He's also been busy raising funds for the club in the carpark during the Castlemaine Festival, working on the club's master plan and a 1000 other things. Please say thanks to Sam for all his hard work when you next see him.

Master Plan update

The club has met with Lascorp, the developers of the proposed supermarket to the east of the courts. Discussions are underway to see if there are any options for Lascorp to assist the tennis club and local community.

A federal funding application has been submitted for new LED lighting for courts 7 and 8. The total project cost is approximately $153,000 with the club funding $40,000. Fingers crossed!

Club committee for 2018-19

Our 2018-2019 club committee was recently elected at our AGM. 

President - Sam Beckett
Vice President - Graham Forbes
Secretary - Jo Rhone
Treasurer - Faye Noble
Sally Kaptein
Rob Phillips
Marion Landy
Sarah James
Brett Fitzpatrick.  

We thank out-going committee members Sue Grimes and Paul Puttifoot. 

We're looking forward to another exciting year with lots going on and off the courts at the club. 

Castlemaine Hot Shots players visit Australian Open 2018

Castlemaine juniors meeting gold medallist Dylan Alcott
Castlemaine juniors meeting three-time Paralympic gold medallist Dylan Alcott

ANZ invited our junior members to the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Day at the 2018 Australian Open on Thursday 18 January. We are part of Tennis Australia’s Community Play program which is delivered at clubs with sessions run by local volunteers making tennis more accessible for children living in regional areas.

 Each year, ANZ invites Community Play clubs to attend ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Day at the Australian Open which includes ground passes and travel costs. This year we were one of the lucky clubs chosen to attend.
The club members had the chance to meet three-time Paralympic gold medallist Dylan Alcott.

Castlemaine Lawn Tennis Club Masterplan

At our AGM we unveiled and discussed our new Castlemaine Lawn Tennis Club Masterplan (PDF).

The masterplan supports our strategic plan (completed in 2016) and outlines the short/mid/long-term plans for the entire facility. 

The masterplan is in draft state and we want feedback from club members and wider community. 

Please direct all questions/comments to a committee member and we'll be discussing the plan at our tennis open day from 12pm on the 22nd October. 

Thanks for all committee and club members who helped put the masterplan together. 

Download a copy of the Castlemaine Tennis Club Masterplan (PDF)

Castlemaine Lawn Tennis Club from the archives

Barry Constable has been doing some research about the club's history. Thanks to Barry for sharing this snippet into the club's beginnings.  

It is generally thought by many club members that the tennis courts have been on their present site since the late nineteenth century probably because the club champions board in the club rooms indicates that to be the case. The club did exist but not at its present site as the notes following show. The most probable site would have been the Camp Oval.

The two reserves separated by Wheeler Street.
The two reserves separated by Wheeler Street. (The gas works is in the foreground.)

Photo: 1872-5 (from the Holterman collection, courtesy Ken McKimmie) shows the realigned creek.  The Borough Council minutes of 9/3/1871 notes that "the completion of the Forest Creek channel will be considered for next year".

The completion of the channel walls effectively meant that the Western and Eastern reserves had unofficially been created.

The photo shows the two reserves separated by Wheeler Street. (The gas works is in the foreground.)

Castlemaine Reserve

from the Melbourne Argus 7/5/1926

Replying to protests against Eastern Reserve, Castlemaine, being closed as a public reserve and leased to a tennis club, the Under Secretary for Lands (Mr H O Allan) said yesterday that a permissive occupancy had been granted to the Castlemaine Tennis Club on the recommendation of the Borough of Castlemaine. Such action had been approved by the Board of Land and Works. 

The occupancy had been granted for 10 years on condition that the lessees improved the land. The club had to be open to all citizens of Castlemaine at a very low subscription. The Council had written to the department stating that the reserve was practically unimproved and little used and the council was unable to find money to improve it. 

The reserve was not suitable for a cricket ground. Another area of land, known as the Western Reserve could be made into an excellent cricket ground and the tennis club had offered to put down a cricket pitch at its own expense for the returned soldiers.

Mr Allan added that the Minister for Lands (Mr Downward) had been asked to hold an inquiry into the closing of the reserve but had decided that the matter could not be reopened.