Tennis Victoria Country week 2018

Tennis Victoria Country week 2018 was held in Swan Hill, where the weather was excellent and the courts even better. 

Castlemaine entered 3 teams this year (2 womens, 1 mens).  They worked together beautifully, maintained concentration and hit their marks when needed... and that was just on the dance floor! On the tennis court they were even better.  

The Castlemaine CCs (Women's B1) finished 5th and missed out on a finals spot by 1 point - doh! Castlemaine Rocks (Women's Special C2) also finished 5th - so close! Both teams have flags from previous campaigns and will be back next year to add to their collection.  

It's taken 9 years for Castlemaine to secure a win in the mens, so congratulations to the Bootleggers who won the elite and prestigious Men's C3 grade. The Bootleggers finished the group matches on top of the ladder and maintained their laser-sharp form in the semi and grand finals. Look out Men's C2 in 2019! At one stage the Bootleggers were playing on a court adjacent to Men's A-Grade and you couldn't tell the difference*. 

Bootleggers 2018 - Lincoln Fitzgerald, Sam Beckett, Nico Cathary, Mick Grant, Ben Bailey, Brett Fitzpatrick (Not pictured Jason Wilsher and Mark Nascimento)

Shepparaton hosts Country Week for 2019. We're looking forward to it already. If you're interested in joining one of our Country Week teams for 2019 then let us know. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome and if you're a good dancer then you'll be in good company.  

* That's not true, you could totally tell the difference.